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Automatic snacks and beverage vending machine

Step into the future with Vendolite's groundbreaking Smart Micro Retail Solutions, a leap beyond conventional snack and beverage vending machines.

Vendolite pioneers innovation with its cutting-edge Smart Micro Retail Kiosks, previously known as traditional vending machines. Operating 24/7, these kiosks act as central hubs, enhancing efficiency and saving time. Offering adiverse menu, including baked treats, on-the-go meals, a broad selection for morning and all-day dining, nutrient-rich juices, and dairy-infused beverages, these kiosks redefine vending.

Vendolite is dedicated to revolutionizing the shopping experience. By eliminating delivery charges and addressing queues, it ensures a seamless and enjoyable encounter for customers, going beyond the limitations of traditional vending machines.

Encounter us everywhere you go!

Our Vendolite Smart Micro Retail kiosks, serving as automatic snacks and beverage vending machines, are strategically placed at airports, metro stations, offices, factories, educational institutions, hospitals, co-working spaces, and residential complexes. Providing access to nutritious meals and beverages, they transform dietary habits, ensuring nourishment on the go.

Vendolite leads the instant commerce revolution in India with its Smart Micro Retail Solutions!

Explore the excellence of our Smart Micro Retail Kiosk

  • Fully Automated and Contactless
  • Operating 24*7
  • Convenient, Swift, and User-Friendly
  • Diverse menu of branded food and beverages
  • Effortless and Hassle-Free
  • Affordable and Applicable

Embark on a seamless payment journey with various options, including cash, UPI, E-wallets, Credit/Debit and RFID cards. More than just vending machines, Vendolite Smart Micro Retail kiosks redefine the experience!

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