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Vendolite provides vending machine services such as vending machine rental, retail,
wholesale and franchise support all over India.

Cloud based technology

Cloud-based Technology

IoT enabled

IoT Enabled

Hassle free

Hassle Free

24*7 convenience

24*7 Convenience

Cost effective



Our flexible vending machine rentals provide convenience without long-term commitments. Our rental services ensure minimal investment, high profitability and efficient operations.

Retail vending machine


We offer a wide selection of customized vending machines designed to meet retail needs


Be an entrepreneur, be a part of our franchise network and grow your own business


We offer high-quality vending machines for businesses in various industries. We are one of the leading vending machine wholesale distributors, we are committed to providing businesses with the highest quality vending machines at competitive prices.


Our qualified and trained customer services team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to efficiently install your vending machines. We ensure the machines are installed securely and in optimal locations for maximum visibility and accessibility.


Our team of skilled engineers provides on-time and efficient maintenance services. We offer routine inspections to thorough cleaning and testing; we ensure that the machines are always in optimal working condition.

Refilling Service

Our in-house refilling service ensures that your vending machines are always stocked. We handle the timely restocking of goods to keep your machines running smoothly.

Product branding & Advertising

You can promote your brand, products and services at a nominal cost in our display
Next - Gen Advertising!!